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One can only imagine the pain of worrying about a loved off whose off fighting for queen and country, those endless hours, days and months of worry must prove difficult to fill.

For Clare Harvey though, the time she spent worrying about her husband, inspired her to write – and on the eve of the paperback launch of her second novel “The English Agent” those days of worry and heartache, must now seem a lifetime ago.

Clare began writing whilst her husband was in the army and penned her debut novel “The Gunner Girl” which first hit the shelves in October 2015 and now, after winning the Joan Hessayon Award for romantic fiction last year, is a bag of nerves this evening – ahead of tomorrow when the paperback version of second book “The English Agent” hits the shelves.

The Devon born and now Nottingham based Mother of three joked about nipping to her local supermarket tomorrow, to watch as “The English Agent” hits the shelves “last year I did because my Children’s school used to be right next to our local supermarket so I dropped them off at school and popped in and had a look at the shelves, and saw them putting them up on the shelves!”

“Writing a book is almost like, I don’t know having a baby or something, because you nurture it for so long so it has that feel of kind of giving birth or something!”

The English Agent is a standalone book but does however feature on of the characters from The Gunner Girl, Edie, who having suffered a traumatic experience in the Blitz, feels utterly disillusioned with life in wartime London. The chance to work with the Secret Operations Executive (SOE), helping the Resistance in Paris, offers a fresh start. Codenamed ‘Yvette’ she’s parachuted into France and met by two other members of her SOE cell. But who can she trust?

In similar style to The Gunner Girl, The English Agent promises twists and turns and lots of drama, as we as readers, relive war time through the eyes of a young, but headstrong women.

In the interview below, Clare chats to me more about The English Agent, the pressure of producing book number two, the steps a writer takes to stop themselves going mad, plans for book three which will be out very soon in hardback – not to mention her hopes and aspirations for both The Gunner Girl and The English Agent, could they make the transition to TV, Theatre or Film?

The English Agent is out in paperback tomorrow (Thursday 23rd February) and is published by  Simon & Schuster UK – Copies can be purchased at stores across the UK and ordered online here

More details on Clare can be found on her website and by following Clare on social media, Facebook and Twitter

Clare is also taking part in a “blog tour” where she is writing guest articles and doing interviews with other book bloggers details of which can be found below!

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